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2018-10-20 1:18
API 6A Equipments
API 6A Wellhead Valve
Wellhead Globe Valve
Wellhead Globe Valve



·Product Model:E-L100 Globe valve
·Working pressure:2000PSI~10000PSI
·Nominal diameter:2-1/16”~9”(52mm~230mm)
·Temperature rating:-46℃~121℃(LU Grade)
·Material class:AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
·Product specification level:PSL1~4
·Performance requirment:PR1~2
·Working medium:Petroleum, natural gas, slurry, including H2S, CO2 gas

·Seat and disc sealing surface in hard surfacing alloy, to improve the erosion resistance of the valve, prolong the service life of the valve;
·metal sealing between valve seat and disc, valve body and the valve cover;
·Outside screw and yoke, showing the open/close position clearly;
·The stem threads do not contact with the medium, avoid medium corrosion to the thread;
·Small torque, reliable sealing.