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2018-10-20 2:36
API 6A Equipments
API 6A Wellhead Valve
Wellhead Ball Screw Operated Gate Valve
Wellhead Ball Screw Operated Valve



·Product Model:E-L600 Ball Screw Operated Valve
·Working pressure:5000PSI~20000PSI
·Nominal diameter:3-1/16”~9”(78mm~230mm)
·Temperature rating:-46℃~121℃(LU Grade)
·Material class:AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
·Product specification level:PSL1~4
·Performance requirment:PR1~2
·Working medium:Petroleum, natural gas, slurry, including H2S, CO2 gas

·Sealing surface of supersonic jet (TU ) cemented carbide, long service life;
·The operation of the valve drive with ball screw structure, effectively reduce torque to achieve 1/3 of the common valve ;
·Valve with balance tail rod, lower valve torque and indication function;
·Valve stem packing, valve seat sealing ring is an elastic energy storage sealing structure, reliable sealing;
·Suitable for large-diameter high-pressure valve.